Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Find Unused Files: v1.3

Find Unused Files
Portable Application & Visual Studio 2012 Plug-in

Find and eliminate unused images & files in website projects.

Files can actually be of any type, but will most likely be images that you wish to remove from a website you are working on.

Works as a Standalone Application, from the Windows Explorer context menu, from the Command Line, or as a Visual Studio extension. Thank's to the command line it can easily be integrated with your favorite development IDE too.

Requires (.NET 4)
Download (Portable Application 191Ko)
(Visual Studio Plug-in 260Ko)

Flat View

Tree View

File/Folder Exclusions

Thumbnail Preview

Parsing Dialog

Windows Explorer (context menu)

Visual Studio (context menu)

Download (Portable Application 191Ko)
(Visual Studio Plug-in 260Ko)

Change log

  • Alt-Click in list will show image thumbnail if it's an image
  • Double-Click on list will open & set focus to item in solution explorer (VSIX only)
  • Shell integration (EXE only)
    • Add/Remove from Help menu, or register/unregister from command line with -s t
  • More file stats

  • Changed UI a bit
  • Context menus
    • Select All
    • Select Other
    • Export Selection
    • Delete Selection
    • Explore Here
    • Verify Existence (VSIX only: launches automated VS file search)
      • In Solution
      • In Project
  • Command line parameters (EXE only)
    • -p path
    • -r report type
    • -f find regexp
    • -i inside regexp
  • Help Menu
    • Manual
    • Change-log
    • Website
    • About
    • License
  • More file stats
  • More error handling
  • Disable delete button if no are files selected
  • Enabled searching in website projects (VSIX)
  • More error messages on invalid and/or unsuccessful operations

v1.0 (Visual Studio Plug-in)
  • .EXE and VSIX versions now share same code-base
  • Various modifications to accommodate different behavior in Visual Studio Mode & Standalone Mode
  • Enabled searching in application projects

v1.0 (Application)
  • Toggle between used/unused lists
  • Export used/unused lists
  • Delete file(s) with confirmation prompt
  • Save search criteria after search
  • Show errors on invalid regexps
  • Restore search criteria on application launch
  • Double click used/unused list opens containing directory
  • Allow passing file/directory path via command line

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