Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's the next "really big" thing ? Multimedia, "as usual" of course !

Facebook is the new MySpace, and if nobody saw it coming, then it's because people where blinding themselves by listening to investors and the media, instead of users. The signs where already there, and have been repeated endless times in internet history, even before Google existed (and especially ever since).

The only person i see real happy right now is Mark, he just got married (congrats BTW), hit the jackpot, and really did accomplish something great. ..i mean hey, life's great, and i say WTG bro ! Now I'm sure he's kinda upset of how quickly things went, and sure he didn't anticipate things moving THAT fast.

If you can learn one thing from the internet, and how it has evolved to be such a dynamic place, where laws are turned upside down, it's that come a certain critical mass "of various kinds". Whether you are a company like IBM, or Apple (before they redeemed themselves with the iPod/iTunes), or just a website. One thing they share in common, are huge numbers of users, and huge numbers of employees.

When you hit that critical mass you get 2 effects:

* Many Employees
  -- Corporate stagnation: You now have so many levels of hierarchy, that things take ages to get done and your "Time to Market" shoots sky high.
  -- Your distance to users is usually filtered by too many levels of pie charts, and the final image is too skewed to transform into anything useful or mind-blowing.

* Many Users
  -- You always have a small percentage of haters or wrong doers. Even if you only have 5%, how many does that make when you got a Billion ? ..well, just 50Million !
  -- Most sites/companies go bananas way before that, so here's a kudos to Mark !

So who's the next in line ?

I'd go take a look at what YouTube has to offer in terms of media investment. TV & Music was the last big thing in our so-called physical world. And i can tell you that's it's just as big in our Digital one (albeit with a slight twist on "customer comes first"). Talk to Google, to see how you can help sponsor Music, Series, Films or Music Video creation. And how you could benefit back via Advertising or Sponsoring. I'm sure Google will have an open ear for you.

If YouTube content creation is done right, and I'm sure it will be, then it would be a real shame for certain people to miss out on this one.

If you are called "Hollywood" and make big screen films ..carry on, I'm sure you'll survive.
However if you make shorts, mini-series, or series, i suggest you drop national/cable television like a hot potato and have a chit-chat with Google, Amazon, or ITunes, cause if not, you will probably be dieing a slow and agonizing death within the next 3-5 years.

For anyone else, this is just a great investment opportunity !

Oh ..and if you're called Justin Timberlake, i think this is just about the right moment to take advantage of that investment you made in MySpace, and use your "Artist Base" to start creating some cool MTV-Like video channels on YouTube ;-)

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