Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who’s next on Zynga’s acquisition list?

I think i found a new site for Zynga to buy (or whoever has vision and is quicker to the trigger).

They already grabbed up "Dextrose AG"

Thus acquiring the "Avez Engine"

Which is some really cool Tech if you're in the mobile/browser based games market, and i guess it pretty much fits into Zygna's portfolio.

Currently, while Adobe is playing around with "Muse",
others are "up for grabs", and making Tech (since before muse) to make a browser based flash-like css animation editor ...well at least something that's useful enough to be able to build things like RIA ads, intro animations, logos, etc.


Another thing to bring into the mix is the current cloud storage buzz, and the fact that Chrome is quickly rising to a non negligible user-install base.

Have a look at this (watch the video and only retain the file storage part ..and imagine what you can do with this)

Then answer me why they only got $900, funding ..people are probably just seeing the game part of the project (i agree it's not really pretty), i see a very nice technological brick in there :)

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